Features and Benefits

Expand On-Demand

The buzzword in VPS is scalability. No longer will your enterprise be tied to legacy equipment it has purchased or leased, as Virtual Private Servers can grow with zero hardware costs. Whether you need one processor core or 16 or more, the setup is handled entirely by us, and as we already own the equipment, your share of that equipment’s capabilities can be quickly scaled up or down. Storage, RAM, Processing, IP Addresses, Databases, Operating System, 3rd Party Software and Support Plans


Intelliwire VPS clusters are designed to provide the most reliable solution possible at a cost effective rate for our customers. When compared to dedicated servers, virtual servers have proven to provide a lower total cost of ownership with an even higher level of service availability.


All Virtual Servers are highly secured and firmly walled off from one another between each system setup. If any of the VPS systems are compromised or attacked by a Denial of Service (DOS) attack, our exceptionally sensitive intrusion detection systems (IDS) immediately go to work to isolate and resolve any threats. Our engineers are always available to help and consult with your issues.

Additional Services

Intelliwire provides some other important services to our VPS customers, including expert Linux or OpenFree BSD configuration, PCI Compliance Upkeep, Service Monitoring, Advance Firewall and cluster set up.

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