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U is the standard unit of measurement for rack-mounted equipment. Racks can be used to house servers, hard drives, switches, routers, and other computer hardware.
1U 1U 1U
IP Addresses
Each service level includes a set number of IP Address you are able to use. Additional IP Address are available.
2 8 16
Monthly Data Transfer
Each time your website is visited, data transfer is generated. 1 GB handles approximately 1,500 site visitors per month.
150 GB 300 GB 600 GB
Monthly Rate
The cost per month for the service listed.
$99.95 $169.95 $299.95
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Colocation Add-Ons

Listed below are Add-Ons to purchase with any of the packages above.

Additional 1U +$75.00 Monthly
8 IP Addresses +$35.00 Monthly
Additional Power (15, 20, 30) AMP +$20.00 Monthly Per Amp
System Administration +$60.00 Per Hour
OS Install (Linux, OpenFreeBSD) $45.00

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