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Customized Co-Location Solutions


Co-Location Level 1

$99.95/ month
  • 1U Rack
  • Managed Firewall
  • 150 GB Data Transfer
  • Managed DNS

    Co-Location Level 3

    $299.95/ month
    • 1U Rack
    • Managed Firewall
    • 900 GB Data Transfer
    • Managed DNS

      Intelliwire's co-location service allows you to locate your equipment in one of our server cabinets. Your co-location will take advantage of our high speed connections, redundant power, ultra-high security and disaster protection.


      • 24/7 Client Access
      • 10/100 Mbps Switched Ethernet Port
      • Basic Monitoring
      • Burstable Bandwidth
      • VLAN Available
      • Self-Managed Backup Solution Available
      • DNS Services Available
      • Diesel Generator
      • UPS Battery Backup
      • Secure shipping and receiving areas
      • Additional Colocation IP addresses are available in 8, 16, 32 and 64 IP blocks.



      You may already own a server that you plan to host your website on but remember that maintaining a server can be difficult. The cooling costs can be quite high and if it gets just a couple degrees too high, you could have serious malfunctions with your equipment, if not total data loss. Along with cooling costs you must have the necessary space in your building to maintain your server. Another concern with co-location services is the condition in which your servers are kept. Intelliwire uses state of the art cooling systems to make sure your servers always stay cool. Great attention is taken to the prevention of water and humidity contaminating our facilities as it takes very little moisture to ruin a server. Fires can completely ruin an entire co-location facility which is why Intelliwire uses fire suppressant gases that suffocate the fire before it even gets a chance to ruin our servers.

      Unfortunately, physical security alone will not suffice to keep your servers protected; the internal server security is absolutely essential to your companies well being. Imagine the consequences if the information on your server gets stolen or manipulated. Your client's information as well as your financial information could possibly be used maliciously against you. That is why it is essential to have the proper protection, intrusion detection, and firewalls in place to properly protect your server. Intelliwire takes every step it can to ensure the safety of your servers as well as our own.

      If do not already have a server, don't fret. We can advise and consult with you for any equipment research and purchase. In fact, we can choose a server for you based on your needs, set it up to your specifications, install it in our data center, and activate services. When it comes to your essential web services and data, we believe clients should expect this concierge service -- you deserve it.


      Network Specifications & Features

      Intelliwire's datacenter follows high datacenter standards and provides you with a fully redundant hosting solution for your business. Intelliwire maintains the datacenter with scheduled maintenance on all critical datacenter systems. Intelliwire has years of experience (since 1998) managing a complex hosting environment for businesses. Our Network is made up of gigabit fiber connections coming from multiple providers to ensure your connection is always available.

      Power System Specifications

      The datacenter electrical power system contains fully redundant uninterruptible power systems (UPS) with diesel backup generators. Intelliwire has regular scheduled maintenance checks on all power systems to ensure they will work when they are needed. You can trust Intelliwire power system because we have proven the success of our infrastructure with zero failures.

      Environmental Specifications

      The Intelliwire datacenter has redundant HVAC systems, so at maximum cooling times a system can be completely down and it will not affect room conditions. Intelliwire keeps the front of our racks at between 69-71 F to ensure your server equipment runs as efficiently as possible.

      Fire Detection & Suppression

      Intelliwire maintains Halon fire protection systems, thus allowing Intelliwire to offer the best available fire protection in existence today. Intelliwire has also placed the entire data center inside of a fire protected area to prevent fire from entering the center from an outside source. Careful planning and high end equipment ensures that your expensive investment is safe with Intelliwire.

      Security Specifications

      Intelliwire is committed to providing the highest level of security to safeguard your equipment 24 hours a day. With multiple levels of security, entry into the data center is restricted by proximity cards and access codes. Video surveillance and stringent data center escort requirements protect server access and our client's equipment. Come in for a tour and find out why so many businesses choose Intelliwire to safeguard their equipment. 


      Intelliwire's server co-location facilities are located in the World Trade Center in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, and we are one of the largest locally owned web hosting companies in the city. The state of Kentucky is generally considered lower risk in terms of national disaster or terrorism, and the cost of electricity throughout the state is among the lowest in the country. Those savings actually do translate over to our customers.


      Our primary facility is powered by dual priority 1 power grids owned and regulated by Kentucky Utilities Company (KU), which in turn are backed up by two diesel generators. And if you don't think that's enough power reliability, we use uninterrupted power systems (UPS) that will sustain our local power supply until measures are taken to restore power to the facility! We don't take anything for granted.


      Physical and virtual security is among the very top reasons our customers co-locate their equipment with us. And to that effect, we will not describe our proprietary firewall, intrusion detection, and DOS prevention methods any further here.


      When evaluating your options for co-location, availability of 24x7 customer support should be a big factor in your decision making. Fortunately, we have you covered here with toll-free support, an e-mail ticket system for lower priority support issues, and 24x7 support plans.

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        Colocation Level 1 Colocation Level 2 Colocation Level 3
         Colocation Level 1Colocation Level 1

      Colocation Level 1

      $99.95/ month

      Colocation Level 2Colocation Level 2

      Colocation Level 2

      $169.95/ month

      Colocation Level 3Colocation Level 3

      Colocation Level 3

      $299.95/ month

       Rackspace Colocation Level 1Colocation Level 11U Colocation Level 2Colocation Level 21U Colocation Level 3Colocation Level 31U
       IP Addresses Colocation Level 1Colocation Level 12 Colocation Level 2Colocation Level 28 Colocation Level 3Colocation Level 316
       Monthly Data Transfer Colocation Level 1Colocation Level 1150 GB Colocation Level 2Colocation Level 2300 GB Colocation Level 3Colocation Level 3600 GB
         Colocation Level 1Colocation Level 1 Order Now Colocation Level 2Colocation Level 2 Order Now Colocation Level 3Colocation Level 3 Order Now
       Colocation Add-Ons Colocation Level 1Colocation Level 1 Colocation Level 2Colocation Level 2 Colocation Level 3Colocation Level 3
       Additional 1U Colocation Level 1Colocation Level 1+$75.00 Monthly
       8 IP Addresses Colocation Level 1Colocation Level 1+$35.00 Monthly
       Additional Power (15, 20, 30) AMP Colocation Level 1Colocation Level 1+$20.00 Monthly Per Amp
       System Administration Colocation Level 1Colocation Level 1+$60.00 Per Hour
       OS Install (Linux, OpenFreeBSD) Colocation Level 1Colocation Level 1+$45.00

      Frequently Asked Questions


      What is Colocation?

      Colocation gives you space at a data center to put your servers. With colocation you have physical access to your servers. Colocation provides you multi homed bandwidth, redundant power and cooling for your servers.

      Who needs Co-location hosting?

      Customers who have full control over all aspects of their website and the way it operates are best suited for dedicated hosting. Those customers who want to supply the hardware, or want the ability at any time to remove their server, or move it to another location are suited for internal hosting, meaning they host the websites themselves and pay for the internet connectivity and networking needs. Those customers who meet the above requirements, but aren’t able to host their website themselves are suited for co-location hosting.

      What is a U?

      The space used by your server(s) is measured in Rack Units (or 'U'). This is the unit of measurement used for defining the vertical space used. A 'U' is equivalent to 1.75 inches (4.45cm).

      1U Server= 1.75" of Vertical Rack Space
      2U = 3.5" of Vertical Rack Space
      4U = 7.00" of Vertical Rack Space

      A full rack contains 40 to 42U 1/4 Rack=10U (10 servers of 1U) Half rack =20 U (20 Servers of 1U)

      Do you provide 24x7x365 access?

      Yes. Escorted access to our co-lo data center is available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Please note: If you need to access outside of normal Business Hours you must phone the Technical Support Department to help gain access to the building.

      How much power is provided?

      We provide each colocation rackspace customer with 20Amps of power which is included in your pricing. Additional power is available at an additional cost.

      Do you accept tower servers and desktops in the DC?

      We do, however they are not recommended because they often do not contain server grade hardware including dual power supplies and use between 3 and 4 RU (when on their side). Highway 1 will charge for the height of the server plus any shelves that are required to rest the server on.

      Do you provide shelves?

      No, you will need to purchase a shelf yourself if you require one.

      Who is responsible for maintaining my equipment once installed in the DC?

      You, the customer, are responsible at all times for maintaining the equipment. Highway 1 will not maintain or administer your equipment without a prior written contractual agreement.

      Can an equipment representative (DELL, Cisco) visit the data center unescorted?

      Unfortunately not. The equipment representative must be escorted by an person who has been duly inducted for that particular data center.

      How much power is each RU allocated?

      Each of your powered rack units are allocated .65Amps average draw. Most systems draw more on power-up but we only monitor the average draw per month. If you have only purchased additional RU as space only then these have no power allocation.

      How do I get charged for excess power?

      At the conclusion of the month we will review the power draw for your equipment. If this average exceeds your allocation you will be charged $100 per Amp in excess.

      What is 95th Percentile Bandwidth billing?

      The per Mbps bandwidth is based upon 5 minute averages of your actual usage, then subjected to 95th percentile adjustment. You pay based on this average in 1 Mbps increments at a set rate, depending on your commitment level.

      Here's how it works:
      We sample your actual usage every 5 minutes, we then average the total and post the result as a 5 minute usage point on your usage graph. Over the month, we will continue to plot the 5 minute averages, which total about 8,640 points plotted on the graph. We then take the top 5 percent of your usage (432 points) and throw it out! Your usage is determined based upon the highest remaining usage plotted. If your usage is at or lower than your committed bandwidth AFTER we've taken off the top 5%, you will not receive any additional billing. Any usage over the minimum will be billed at the appropriate rate.

      You are automatically placed on a burstable 100 Mbps link. You'll be able to monitor your bandwidth usage to understand exactly what your usage is. At the beginning of the following month, you will get a bill for actual 95th percentile usage.

      This method of billing provides you with a number of advantages. First, this equates to receiving your highest 36 hours of bandwidth usage free each month. Second, like our network, our billing is scalable - the cost of entry is reduced and your bill will only increase as actual bandwidth usage occurs. Finally, you only pay for the higher of the upstream or downstream traffic.


      Looking for a custom solution?

      Our technicians can provide you with the best custom made solutions on the market, no matter whether you're a small business or large enterprise.

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