Co-location Features


Intelliwireís server co-location facilities are located in the World Trade Center in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, and we are one of the largest locally owned web hosting companies in the city. The state of Kentucky is generally considered lower risk in terms of national disaster or terrorism, and the cost of electricity throughout the state is among the lowest in the country. Those savings actually do translate over to our customers.


Our primary facility is powered by dual priority 1 power grids owned and regulated by Kentucky Utilities Company (KU), which in turn are backed up by two diesel generators. And if you donít think thatís enough power reliability, we use uninterrupted power systems (UPS) that will sustain our local power supply until measures are taken to restore power to the facility! We donít take anything for granted.


Physical and virtual security is among the very top reasons our customers co-locate their equipment with us. And to that effect, we will not describe our proprietary firewall, intrusion detection, and DOS prevention methods any further here.


When evaluating your options for co-location, availability of 24x7 customer support should be a big factor in your decision making. Fortunately, we have you covered here with toll-free support, an e-mail ticket system for lower priority support issues, and 24x7 support plans.

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