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Intelliwire Virtual Private Servers are available on demand and ready to roll.


Starter VPS

$74.95 per/mo.
30 GB Disk Space
250 GB Data Transfer
1 IP Addresses
2 Core
2 GB Memory
Full Sudo Access

Professional VPS

$149.95 per/mo.
60 GB Disk Space
500 GB Data Transfer
2 IP Addresses
4 Cores
4 GB Memory
Full Sudo Access

Enterprise VPS

$249.95 per/mo.
120 GB Disk Space
1 TB Data Transfer
4 IP Addresses
8 Cores
8 GB Memory
Full Sudo Access

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are often appreciated by those who are well versed in web developing. They offer a variety of advantages over more traditional forms of web hosting. Most importantly, VPS hosting allows its users the benefits of dedicated web hosting without the large price tag.

Virtual Private Severs allow users direct root access to their server, allowing them to manipulate the operating system however they want as well as install any kind of server side applications they require. This allows for greater control over how their website runs. This is particularly convenient to web developers as it is possible to have multiple websites running on your VPS, each calibrated the way you prefer.

If your web design business starts taking off and you begin having more websites than your server can handle, don't worry! Intelliwire's Virtual Private Servers allow for instant scalability. For instance, if you run out of server space, then you can instantly add as much hard drive space as you need. If space isn't your problem but your complicated websites start to slow down your server, then we can easily allot more RAM or processing capacity to your server. Virtual Private Servers are great for those constantly on the move, allowing you to have access to them anywhere in the world. If you need to reboot your sever, then do it at your convenience.

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Do you offer a Windows VPS Solution?

We Do! Windows Virtual Private Servers are custom quoted for each implementation. For a free quote please submit a Request A Quote form.

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